Strawberry Roll Cake Snuffle Toy

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Strawberry Roll Cake Snuffle Toy


Introducing Our Strawberry Roll Cake Snuffle Toy! 🍓

Did someone say roll cake? Your furry friend is in for a treat with our delightful Strawberry Roll Cake Snuffle Toy! 


  • Interactive Fun: The toy consists of two parts – the enticing whipped cream cover and the hidden treat pockets inside the mat.
  • Engaging Play: Watch as your pet explores, sniffs, and discovers hidden treats within each pocket, providing mental stimulation and entertainment.

How to Use:

  1. Remove the whipped cream cover to reveal the snuffle mat.
  2. Hide treats in the mat's pockets.
  3. Let your pet enjoy the fun of foraging and discovering hidden surprises.

Strawberry Roll Cake Snuffle Toy